Wrapping equals functionality here basically; the more we wrap, the more functionality we get in the direct C++ API (not using C workarounds). So far some substantial part of the basics has been wrapped, but we encountered problems with GstMiniObject at the moment, it being a fundamental type alongside GObject (its counterpart being Glib::Object in glibmm), and we're a little stuck there, but we _are_ actively working on it and development speed and quality has been really good so far.

One we get a few of the current problems resolved, i will put up a page on live.gnome.org (although freedesktop might be more appropriate, as GStreamer is hosted on freedesktop nowadays).

BTW, if you have any more questions, please feel free to ask, not only that it will help you, but it might also help us to understand what people expect from the GStreamer C++ bindings.

-- Milosz

On 11/1/07, José Alburquerque <jaalburquerque@cox.net> wrote:
Milosz Derezynski wrote:
> There are new bindings in development for a few months now, the SVN
> repository is located here:
> http;//svn.beep- media-player.org/gstreamermm/trunk
> <http://media-player.org/gstreamermm/trunk>
> They are functional in so far the wrapping has been completed, which
> isn't really tremendously far yet, since
> GST is pretty problematic to wrap (and seems to be quite obscure to
> all the other *-mm developers).
> Note that the SVN might currently not compile; if it doesn't, please
> try a revision a few revisions earlier than HEAD.
> M.
Glad to hear that bindings are being developed, I could not find
anything to this effect :-)  Did I understand correctly that everything
is "wrapped"?  You said, that a lot more needs to be done.  Do you mean
wrapping or functionality?  Forgive the questions, I'm just trying to
get a sense of the status of development to know if I can use some of
what's been done in my application.  Thanks.