There are new bindings in development for a few months now, the SVN repository is located here:


They are functional in so far the wrapping has been completed, which isn't really tremendously far yet, since
GST is pretty problematic to wrap (and seems to be quite obscure to all the other *-mm developers).

Note that the SVN might currently not compile; if it doesn't, please try a revision a few revisions earlier than HEAD.


On 10/31/07, José Alburquerque <> wrote:
Hi.  I've been looking at the list archives and gather that this project
is not being worked on presently (gstmm).  I'm working on a dvd creation
utility using gtkmm and thought of using gstreamer for some video
processing.  I'm wondering if it's simple enough to use gstreamer as is
in my C++ application.  Also, is creating C++ bindings for gstreamer
complicated or difficult?  Is there something impeding development?  I'm
not very experienced, but if the process is straight forward, I may have
some time to contribute in this aspect.  Would someone please advice?


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