Happy Holydays to everybody.
The place where I am working has a very specific project (sorry, we cannot give too much detail, I hope you understand). It is needed to watch several streams of video or images over the network. The camera we are using is this one:
A test project was made using python as a web server and JavaScript and mozilla in the client side. We can actually watch upto four IP cameras all at the same time. The cameras push an MJPEG stream which Firefox / Mozilla / Netscape understands very well.
The problem is that Firefox eats up to 95%CPU power when watching this four streams, thus lowering the frame rate and making a sluggish user interaction, so is for IE.
The time has arrived to expand the project and have several streams (more than four). Now I have to consider different systems for this approach, including closed-source solutions. Of course, as a linux enthusiastm, I'd love to base our software ontop of GStreamer.
The first question for the GStreamer developers is How much CPU power can consume a GStreamer application that has 10 or more streams playing and recording to disk? What are the system requirements to handle this kind of load? I have not been able to do check that yet because of my lack of proficiency with GStreamer.
That's the reason I am contacting you.
Thanks in advance
Previously, I tried to contact Immendio to request their support, but it seems that their mail server is down or something (Undeliverable mail). Immendio people: I still want to get in touch with you.