> hello!
> if use "gst-launch playbin uri=file:///absolut/path/to/file", playbin use
> filesrc element by default.
> I'm created new file source, e.g. "newfilesrc", and I need that playbin use
> it. how can I do it?

In this particular case, you should explain why you want to replace
filesrc, and add the features you need to filesrc - or (more likely)
we can suggest a better way to accomplish your goals.

To more directly answer your question, playbin2 (you should be using
this instead of playbin) will select the highest-ranked element that
can handle the uri it's given, so you'd give your new element a higher
rank than filesrc.


I need read files ciphered other my program, and deciph it. no file sourse element, which can do it.
really, playbin2 works like I need -- it takes my newfilesrc!
so thank you again