I used the appsrc to write to a file via filesink, and the video was perfect but if I used the appsrc, rtpmp4vpay, rtpmp4vdepay, filesink to write to a file, then the MPEG4 headers were missing from the file. I used a hex editor to manually insert the headers and then the file was perfect. So, where is the problem? Is there a bug in the rtpmp4vpay/rtpmp4vdepay or am I doing something wrong with handling the buffers? I don’t think that there is a problem in the handling of buffers on my side as the direct writing to a file worked perfectly.


Can someone help me out?? I am unable to transmit the video via UDP/RTSP and play it as the headers are missing and hence the VLC does not decode it (I have a problem with RTSP transmission via gst-rtsp-server too. I had posted it on the mailing list yesterday).


Thanks in advance.