As pointed out by someone else the encode can be expensive, so if you can reduce the amount of data to be encoded you can save CPU.

Generally this could mean using the videorate element to reduce the frame rate or videoscale element to reduce the resolution.  Also can you set the bitrate with the H263 encoder?   By default the h264 bitrate is reasonably high - nothing wrong with that, but if you want to reduce the size of the video and save on CPU I would suggest picking something a bit lower.

On 2 Feb 2011, at 05:39, Umakant Goyal wrote:

Hi All,

Are there elements that can help to increase the performance of pipeline if i would insert them into the pipeline.
Actually, i am using gstreamer to transcode video file from one format to another format. What i found that this process is taking lot of CPU.
Now i want to optimize the pipeline to make it eats less CPU. I am using following pipeline to transcode data:

filesrc -> decodebin2 -> queue -> ffmpegcolorspace -> videoscale -> capsfilter -> ffenc_h263 -> filesink

Any help/pointer/ will be appreciated. Can any one also share which element is eating lot of CPU in above given pipeline?

Thanks in Advance

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