Gstreamer modules are in http://gstreamer.freedesktop.org/modules/
What is the order in which I have to compile.
I have compiled gstreamer- core library and elements..
My ultimate aim is to compile the Gstreamer and make Aldengonde run in Fedora Core machine.

When I compile gst-plugins-0.8.12, I get the compilation errors saying gstreamer-0.8 not found. I have Gstreamer-0.10.8 in my m/c. My PKG_CONFIG_PATH is /home/datha/glib-2.10.0/lib/pkgconfig:/home/datha/liboil-0.3.8/lib/pkgconfig:/home/datha/gstreamer-0.10.8/lib/pkgconfig:

I have also set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to include glib-2.10.0, liboil-0.3.8 and gstreamer-0.10.8

Can anybody tell me what is wrong in my steps… :-(