What's the rootcause of noise and stuttering ?
For normal playback, it should not have issues. If decoder didn't drop data, I think alsasink did it.
By gstaudiosink mechanism, it will drop data replaced with blank data when data is late. I guess the rootcause is that.
If that, I have no ideas except adding a queue before alsasink, and when queue is empty, pause the pipeline, it will not cause dropout, but still discontinous.
Zhao liang

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I'm trying to create an audio player on an IMX31 target and I've found a discrepancy in the output of various formats.  If I send MP3 data I have to set the buffer-time and latency-time to 10000 and 100 respectively to play without severe dropouts.  However WAV files still have drop-out at a consistent rate (about 1 per 10 sec).  Are there some general features I'm missing or is there some guidance on the buffer-time/latency time that would account for this difference?

gstreamer 0.10.17 (open-embedded)
gst-launch filesrc location=<file> ! decodebin ! alsasink buffer-time=10000 latency-time=100