On Mon, Oct 4, 2010 at 5:27 AM, cristiurban <cristianurban86@gmail.com> wrote:

I had use openmax in some of my applications and I want to see if I am doing
wrong or indeed it is a bug.
I have two simple applications that decodes mp3 files : in first app I use
the "mad" element for the decoder in my pipeline. Using threads , once I
start the application the thread starts and begins to get the current time
of stream ( I use "gst_element_query_position (pipeline, &fmt, &pos)" then
with printf I display the current time on my output (like this <printf
("timestamp: %" , GST_TIME_FORMAT, GST_TIME_ARGS (pos));>. It works fine,
but I put a sleep(1) in my thread to display once every 1 second.
The second application, same thing but as a decoder I use "nv_omx_mp3dec"
element. Once I compile (no errors) and start the application, I get the
current time always zero.
If anyone has the same problem or check if this is wrong and it works ,
please i would like to know.

Could you give the pipeline you are using in either case?  You may need an mp3parse before the decoder (if you don't already have one).