Not sure but just a thought,

Maybe you can apply seeking on the video part of pipeline and not on the whole pipeline.
So make a video bin having the video part before mixing and seek there ?

Note :Just an idea, havent validated or thought much about practical issues :)


2010/5/28 Juan Felipe Mogollón Rodríguez <>

I am trying a build an applicaction that mixes two diferent videos and
shows them with a background image following the next pipeline:

gst-launch filesrc location=video1.ogg ! decodebin !  videobox
border-alpha=0 alpha=1 top=-375 bottom=0 left=-250 right=0 ! alpha
method=3 angle=90 ! videomixer name=mixer ! ffmpegcolorspace !
xvimagesink filesrc location=video2.ogg ! decodebin ! videobox
border-alpha=0 alpha=1 top=-375 bottom=0 left=-400 right=0 ! alpha
method=3 angle=90 ! mixer. filesrc location=background.jpg ! decodebin
! imagefreeze !  alpha method=0 target-r=0 target-g=0  target-b=0 !
videoscale ! video/x-raw-yuv, width=1200, height=800 ! mixer.

When I try to seek the videos, I am always getting a seek error, I
think that the error appears because of the still image that is
created to be used as background, I have tried with multifilesrc and
with imagefreeze, but I always get that seek error.

Does anybody knows another way to get a static background image that
can be seekable?

Thanks in advance.




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