playbin and decodebin both setup the decoders, using typefind, for you and provide you with a raw decoded video and audio stream.

What are your goals for the output of the stream?


On Fri, Dec 31, 2010 at 12:18 PM, gst_call_me_newbie() <> wrote:

I am using souphttpsrc as my source. I want to get the stream meta-data like
Codec(what are the audio/video codecs present in the stream), type
(audio/video stream) etc.

I checked that using playbin/playbin2 I can find the properties.

but the problem is I have to transcode the incoming stream from a http URL
to another format.
So I don't think playbin2 is of any use for me. (CORRECT ME IF I AM WRONG

whatever may be the way, I just want to transcode incoming stream for which
I should know the incoming stream format.
So how would I get the stream meta data from "souphttpsrc"
or should I go for playbin2 but then I am doubtful if I would be able to
transcode stream using it.

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