You would need to write an AAC to IEC958 converter and then raise the rank of that element to a higher rank than the AAC decoders. You will also need to make sure it's listed as a decoder otherwise playbin2 will ignore it. That's how we handle SPDIF passthrough for AC3 and DTS in Moovida.

Best regards,
Julien Moutte,

On Tue, Feb 8, 2011 at 10:51 AM, Akihiro TSUKADA <tskd2@yahoo.co.jp> wrote:
looking through the debug log,
I have noticed that the uridecodebin continued to auto-plug aacparse to the caps
"audio/mpeg, framed=true, mpeg=2", and then, instead of auto-plugging aac2spdif,
it (wrongly) auto-plugged an faad AAC decoder, which outputs the caps "audio/x-raw-...",
 and this caps naturally does not fit to alsaspdif, which requires "audio/x-iec958".

So, uridecodebin selected faad, not aac2spdif, but I assigned them the ranks of
MARGINAL and PRIMARY respectively.  In addition, I specified alsaspdif as an
custom audio-sink, and it requires the caps "audio/x-iec958".....

In order to prevent the above problem, I guess that
uridecodebin must have the "caps" property set in playbin2::activate_group()
or somewhere else. Is this right? or should aac2spdif or aacparse  do something?

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