** We would like to play a m3u playlist that contains a list of 3 '.ts' stream which should be played continuously (succesively as it was only one stream). 
But with totem this is not the case due to reconnection/rebuffering. 
To see what I mean, juste type: 
totem http://iphone.envivio.com/iphone/downloads/ch6/01.m3u8  (you would need faad, ffdec_h264 and mpegtsdemux elements)
Any solution to avoid the pause ?
So this is the first problem.

** The second problem is that in fact the m3u8 url is http://iphone.envivio.com/iphone/downloads/ch6/index.m3u8
which contains a list of 3 'm3u8' url:  01.m3u8, 02.m3u8, 03.m3u8
So It seems that totem cannot decode m3u files recursively (I am using totem 2.30.2).

** The third problem is that:
gst-launch-0.10 uri=ttp://iphone.envivio.com/iphone/downloads/ch6/01.m3u8
won't play so m3u decoding is only part of totem (and so not gstreamer) ?

Any comment/solution on those 3 points would be appreciated.