Hi all,

copying-pasting from https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=628214:

some typos are corrected between square brackets [..].

Currently GStreamer is missing support for RTSP initiation from SDP files (as
specified in RFC2362, Annex C). This could [make] GStreamer incompatible with RTSP
servers which assume RTSP initiation happens through this kind of (pre-shared)

The current SDP support [in sdpdemux] is only related to already initiated sessions, the
attached set of patches grants compliance with the above mentioned

More specifically the patches:

- Add a new protocol, "sdp://"
- Modify the SDP demuxer behaviour to detect files as for RFC2362, annex C and
enable it to use the rtspsrc in such a case.
- Modify rtspsrc so to handle the sdp:// protocol.

Still the key issue of state change violations in sdpdemux are remaining. As
suggested from Mark, a most proper fix would be to get rid of it and use
redirection signals from the sdpdemux element. The signal could then be h[a]ndled
from the uridecodebin[2 or playbin2].
Thanks to anybody who would review/comment the patches.