Hi Wim,

    According to your reply ffenc_h264 element does not exist and neither does the 'ffmpeg h264 encoder'. But just going through net i found some pipelines which used ffenc_h264.
Earlier i was also not very sure about exsiting ffmpeg h264 encoder.But needed some clarification.

Can i know in which package can i find h264 encoder used by ffmpeg ergo..... x264.
As Edward told that we we have a plugin : x264enc...Please help me to find the package

Pipelines found on net which used ffenc_h264:

1)gst-launch -v filesrc location=/home/kgupta/testflv/limca.flv ! decodebin name=d ! queue ! videorate ! ffmpegcolorspace ! videoscale ! video/x-raw-yuv,height=144,width=176,framerate=\(fraction\)15 1 ! ffenc_h264 ! flutsmux name=mux ! filesink location=limca_aac_h264_faacadts.ts d. ! queue ! audioconvert ! audioresample ! audio/x-raw-int, endianness=1234, signed=\(boolean\)true, width=\(int\)16, depth=\(int\)16, rate=(int\)16000,channels=(int\)1 ! faac bitrate=16000 ! mux.

2)gst-launch   cameracapture prio=90 !   queue !  ffmpegcolorspace prio=50   ! queue !   ffenc_h264 prio=50 ! ...

And there are many other to

Thanks for your reply,

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