Hello there,


I am doing my plugin and I have a question regarding the last parameter in the gst_element_register() call, which is the GstType.

In the base plugin package, I see normally it’s defined in the header file to a function, but for some  plugins this function is there in the package, for others it’s not.


For example, gst/gdp/gstgdpdepay.c used GST_TYPE_GDP_DEPAY: gst_element_register (plugin, "gdpdepay", GST_RANK_NONE, GST_TYPE_GDP_DEPAY)

And gstdgpdepay.h has this define: #define GST_TYPE_GDP_DEPAY  (gst_gdp_depay_get_type())

However I can’t find this gst_gdp_depay_get_type() function implementation in the whole package. Many of other plugins have the same thing.


One example on the other case is in gst/tcp/gsttcpplugin.c, which used type GST_TYPE_TCP_CLIENT_SINK, and this can be traced to function gst_tcp_client_sink_get_type(), which is implemented in gsttcpclientsink.c.


So I wonder which is the way I should go, is the unimplemented function hidden somewhere? Why it won’t cause compile problem?