Hi Felipe,

 Iam integrating gst-openmax with our company Openmax layer..
By this audio is working fine..But for the video we r getting problems like display width & height..

Actually these two will update from x_scale and y_scale..

observation::x_scale and y_scale values are returned as zeroes....

set_property and get_property functions are used to update x_scale and y_scale..
but these functions are not getting called from GObjectClass..

when we r hard coded these values we are able to run H263 & sample.divx(mpeg4 dec) only video files..


1) Why set_property and get_property functions are not calling??
2) If it is the case how to calculate x_scale and y_scale values???

We have integrated master changes also....But the result is same..

Thanks in advance..
Uday Kiran Pichika

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