Hi all,
            I am trying to convert the mpeg2 transport stream received by the dvbsrc plugin into h264 and then stream the converted stream on a multicast address. I am using the following pipeline for this purpose.

gst-launch gstrtpbin name=rtpbin mpegtsmux name=mux dvbsrc frequency=11150000 polarity=v pids=537:637:0000:137 symbol-rate=27500 code-rate-hp=3/4 ! mpegtsdemux name=demux demux. ! queue leaky=downstream max-size-bytes=10485760 ! mpeg2dec ! ffmpegcolorspace ! queue max-size-bytes=10485760 leaky=downstream ! x264enc bitrate=800 ! mux. demux. ! queue max-size-bytes=10485760 leaky=downstream ! mad ! audioconvert ! queue max-size-bytes=10485760 leaky=downstream ! faac profile=LC ! mux. mux. ! rtpmp2tpay ! rtpbin.send_rtp_sink_0 rtpbin.send_rtp_src_0 ! udpsink host= port=5000 async=false  rtpbin.send_rtcp_ksrc_0 ! udpsink host= port=5001 async=false udpsrc port=5002 ! rtpbin.recv_rtcp_sink_0

On the client side i use the following pipeline.

gst-launch udpsrc uri=udp:// ! queue ! decodebin ! ffmpegcolorspace ! videoscale ! xvimagesink

It is able to play the stream on client side, but the video play rate is slow. I am not able to get a smooth play back. But the audio plays correctly.
What are the other parameter which i have to set on x264enc for smooth play back on the client side.