A plugin is an instant of a gstclass, i.e. gstobject. The finalize function is called when the plugin is destructed, not class is destructed. If you want to free the pointers or other resources of your gstplug-in, you can do it in state_change function. It you want to release resouces of an object, not gstplug-in, you have to write the code in finalize function.

2008/11/28 Zoltan Seress <gatesofdarkness@gmail.com>

Hi Dev,

I know that this is not really a gstreamer specific question, rather GObject, so I read some GObject descriptions about finalize, but I would like to ask it nevertheless.
How many times is the finalize function called during the life of a plugin? It is called only once at the destruction of the Class as the pair of the class_init? Is it a problem if I have some pointers as members of my element, but I don't overwrite the finalize function? Or is it called at the destruction of an element too?

Zoltan Seress

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