yes i downloaed this two files. now i have an another doubt?what is this "--prefix". why it is needed? what PATH is this "/my/prefix/for/fsl". dont mistake me. i am novice. tell me.
AND in this two files which one have to compile? whether it is needed to export any library files?i mean codec files?
please help me

On Sun, Dec 27, 2009 at 2:04 PM, Vincent Torri <> wrote:

On Sun, 27 Dec 2009, Niamathullah sharief wrote:

No i didnt install any gst-plugin-base. i dont know what are all the files
needed to compile the gstreamer for ARM board. and what are the commands
used to compile. what are all things i have to export. so pleae help me. so
tell me what are all the files needed to compile for arm. now i have
1)ARM coss compile



 THis are the steps i followed o compile the gstreamer
     1)i exported cross compiler path.

compile and install gstreamer for your platform

if you use:

./configure --prefix=/my/prefix/for/fsl


export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/my/prefix/for/fsl/lib/pkgconfig

Then compile and install gst-plugins-base for your platform with also:

./configure --prefix=/my/prefix/for/fsl

     2)then i tried to compile this gst-fsl-plugin-1.6.0

Vincent Torri