Hi Stefan,

Sorry for late reply ..

* Do the plugins have a rank>0. Otherwise playbin or playbin2 are not
considering them.
* Make sure there are no elements with same or higher rank on the system
where you test
* Make sure that your demux gets choosen. Does it have the right
template caps set on its sink-pad?

Yes. I am taking care of above all .. Filter rank more than 256 and Caps i giving as accept ANY..
and my filter is choosed by chain.

some people replayed that with this architecture (means single filter) i can't able to test with Play-bin. For that reason i am implemented dummy decoders and Sink elements with high priority ranks.
But still i am getting response like previous ...
My final goal is to test my filters with Totem or any gstreamer application.For that what else i should have in my filter chain..

Please help resolve this issue..
Thanks & Regards
Sriramamurti Kommanapalli

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