Dear All,

I want to get the RTCP reports.
I am using the following pipeline:  udpsrc ! gstrtpbin ! rtpdepay ! decoder ! display.

I am setting udpsrc's port property as device port + 1.
linked udpsrc's "src" pad with "recv_rtcp_sink_1" pad of gstrtpbin.
tapped a buffer probe on src pad of udpsrc.

my question is : in the buffer probe call back,
        will i get the rtcp reports on the src pad of udpsrc.
        in what form will these reports be?
        i am not using jrtplib explicilty, i read in the docs that jrtplib is required, do i need it for collecting RTCP reports? if so how to use it?

please clarify my above queries.
Thanks in advance,