Hello friends,

does g streamer support rtsp? ....i tryed some rtsp urls in some players witch are  based on gstreamer.. those are not able to run rtsp urls (audio ,online radio rtsp urls)even i didn't find any player who runs rtsp url ...
i want to do audio streaming  using Gstreamer .how should i design my client (tcp/udp) for rtp? how can i use rtp in gstreamer0.10 ?
i downloaded  gst-plugins-farsight-0.12.2 and gone through sample examples in test g711recv.c  and g711send.c ,able to run it successfully
i am not getting  how to create rtp client (or may be rtsp client) so that  g711recv.c  will be give me online streaming (audio only)

can anyone help me

Thanks and Regards

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