I've just subscribed to this list a few weeks ago, but I haven't received any mail from it yet. So what is the current situation with gstreamer-gstmm? Even a short update would be appreciated.
I'm working on an opensource non-linear editor that uses gtkmm and hopefully in the future gstmm. I've done some basic classes for it and gotten an almost usable timeline. It can even play sequences of .png:s in one of it's widgets, and those sequences of course can be edited in an unlimited number of channels.
I chose not to use any gnonlin stuff, because I wanted to make it in c++ and for obvious reasons it would've taken a very long time before I could've gotten into editing (I'm under the impression that there's not that many updates nor people working on gnonlin???). So I wrote my own classes and it's kind of starting to work, even it might need quite a bit polishing.
So, if anyone is interested in this kind of project, I might be able to put it online in a couple of weeks. Sourceforge is free isn't it...
But please tell me gstreamer-gstmm is going to work someday...
Joonas Kiviharju

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