Sure ! What do you want to know exactly ? There is a lot of things to talk about.

Unless you have a particular question, I will post the code as soon as possible. I up the code every time I work on that so you know.
But I can try to make a video capture screen to show the capabilities ! (from MS windows os)
I am looking forward to finish a first version to post the code and to share ideas about it.


Julien I.

2008/3/28, Farkas Levente <>:
Julien Isorce wrote:
> Hi,
> Some news about a new opengl plugin for gstreamer. The goal is to have a
> multiplatform opengl plugin.
> Me and a friend are working on an opengl plugin based on freeglut and
> glew. The plugin is close design than the existing plugin but a lot of
> mecanims are different. We are mainly developping on MS windows but the
> plugin is multiplatform. Some work have been done and a first prototype
> is working. But there is still a lot of work to finalize the plugin.
> I hope it will be done in about 1 month unless we encounter a limitation
> or a blocking problem.

can you tell us some details?

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