Hello All/Arnout Vandecappelle,

               First of all I am really sorry for creating new chain of mail. My system crashes and I could not take any back up of previous mails. 


As last discussed by Arnout , I found that my decoder was allocating memory for internal buffers with g_malloc and at the time of pushing buffer I allocated buffer with buffer alloc of omapfbsink of the size (width * height * 3/2). That memory is allocated from buffer_alloc of omapfbsink. But I was pushing buffer of my internal decoder. So I was doing mistakes at that side and I improve allocation buffers. So now my following pipeline is working fine and no memcpy is called in between.


$gst-launch-0.10 filesrc location=1.flv ! myparser  ! mydecoder ! omapfbsink.


Now I would like to make it work into playbin architecture. But in playbin it is calling ffmpegcolorspace and other Plugins. Is it possible I can remove videoscale and ffmpegcolorspace from that  pipeline ?