Hello All,

               I am working on application GStreamer on Beagle Board. For that I have built angstrom image online from angstrom web site and also enabled totem movie player.


               When I run totem and start playback of mpeg4 video file. It is very slow and choppy. I am not able to run 320 X 240 video file smoothly.


               I found that totem is using playbin and pipeline is created as followed.


               Decodebin ! mpeg4parser ! mpeg4dec ! ffmpegcolorspace ! xvimagesink/ximagesink (Here mpeg4parser and mpeg4dec are my Plugins). Now when I do top command max usage(almost 90 %) of cpu is acquired by totem and also max amount of memory also. I found that max time is taken into scaling part of ximagesink/xvimagesink.


               Now alternatives for ximagesink/xvimagesink I am thinking for TIDmaiVideoSink and omapdmaifbsink Plugins from ticodecplugins. I am doubt if I remove ximagesink and xvimagesink from my librarypath and instead put ticodecplugins will totel detect display and color space conversion Plugins ?


               I want to improve performance on beagle board. If I run my codec only then I can run HD file also. But in totem I can’t run 320 X 240 file smoothly.


               If anyone can help me to improve this performance ?


               If anywhere I am wrong or misunderstood , please guide me and  correct me.


Thanks In Advance,