I m making two pipeline(shown below) and running the two pipelines as different gstremer threads (using the gst_thread_new ) in an apllication.And in addition to that i m using the another pthread in the same application , which is prompting the user to close the apllication when he/she desire.Now the the problem is that my application gives segmentation fault after some time.After some hit and trial I found out that if i remove the pthread from my application and let it run infinitly then there is no segmentation fault. Is there any such problem that we can not use the gstreamer pipeline using the thread simultaneously with the pthread. Can any one please tell me the how the gstremer thread works
The description of the pipepline is as
pipeline1 is  mysoundsource  ! myencoder ! fakesink
pipeline2 is  fakesrc  ! mytestdecoder ! mysoundsink