#2 tunnel ssh connections


Hello, I would like to use gstm to open different SSH
connections to servers inside my office.
I have one host which is accessible through port 22 and
using gstm I can redirect local ports to remote servers
inside my office, the problem is that RSA host key
verification only uses localhost key so when I set
different local redirections pointing to different
remote machines this ones store their key as
"localhost" in my known_hosts file so every time I
connect to another host I have to manually remove the
localhost key.

Do you have any idea on how to solve this?



  • Mark Smulders

    Mark Smulders - 2006-07-20

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    You could enter a number of "alias" hosts in your /etc/hosts
    file; one for each office host you want to access for
    You could think of hostnames resembling pc names or IP
    addresses. eg: fwpc1
    ('fw' standing for 'forward' and 'pc1' being the name of
    the pc you're connecting to)
    Then when connecting with SSH, connect to host 'fwpc1' on
    the appropriate portnumber (like you did localhost)

  • Mark Smulders

    Mark Smulders - 2006-07-20
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