#38 Gnome Keyring integration

Pi r^2

Saving Passwords would be great!
I know it's insecure and I wouldn't do it for important systems but hey sometimes security is less important then usability.
The user should make this decision by himself.


  • Kevin Ernst

    Kevin Ernst - 2010-07-20

    I believe this feature request should simply state "integration with seahorse (GNOME keyring manager)." Seahorse works well enough, even outside a complete GNOME desktop environment (I use Window Maker) to merit adding support to gSTM. This offers the potential to unlock SSH tunnel passwords upon login, and even start arbitrary tunnels with the login session. Several of the GUI SSH tunnel managers for Mac OS X work in this way, using the OS X Keyring app to store the passwords for the tunnels. Seahorse is the GNOME clone of the "Keyring" app, so it only seems natural that gSTM should move in that direction.

  • Pi r^2

    Pi r^2 - 2010-07-20

    You are right, that would be what I need. Topic adapted to your suggestions.

  • Pi r^2

    Pi r^2 - 2010-07-20
    • summary: Saving Passwords --> Gnome Keyring integration
  • Lukas Pirl

    Lukas Pirl - 2013-11-16

    big +1


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