#3 Command line interface


It would be nice to be able to interface with gSTM
using command line options. This would enable gSTM to
manage tunnels from shell scripts etc. The basic
interface could be along these lines:

$ gstm --start "My Tunnel" # --start could be
ommitted as the default
$ gstm --stop "My Tunnel"

More than one tunnel could be managed at the same time...

$ gstm --start "My Tunnel" "My other tunnel" --stop
"Unwanted tunnel"

When calling gSTM from a shell script a GUI would most
likely not be required:

$ gstm --no-windows --start "My Tunnel"

In this 'no windows' mode, it would be good if gSTM
could return a status code and, depending on the
implementation, either go into the background or exit.


  • Mark Smulders

    Mark Smulders - 2005-10-19
    • labels: 759585 -->
    • assigned_to: nobody --> rennie
  • Mark Smulders

    Mark Smulders - 2005-10-19

    Logged In: YES

    I like this feature, so if possible I will implement it.
    However I will first have to consider the code impact of the
    "no-gui" option and I will have to research the possibility
    of quiting gstm while still being able to control any
    running tunnels when it's started again.

  • Mark Smulders

    Mark Smulders - 2006-07-20

    Logged In: YES

    postponed this one for now

  • Mark Smulders

    Mark Smulders - 2006-07-20
    • priority: 5 --> 3

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