GSS-0.46-p11 released

We are pleased to release GSS-TCAD 0.46-p11. This is a maintenance release over 0.46-p10. It contains the following fixes and improvements:
- Fixes a few bugs related to the calculation of Ec and Ev in the presence of band-gap narrowing.
- Fixes a bug related to TIF exports.
- Improved building system to work better with MacOS X, and some Linux/Unix distributions with older GCC compilers.

== Availability ==
The tarball of this release can be found at the download section of our website.
The source code of the project is tracked using Git, a distributed version control system.
The main public repository is at , a mirror site is available at . The tarball of 0.46-p11 release can be downloaded directly from the repository at .

There will be two important branches in the repository that all developers will be interested. The first is the "master", or stable branch, where public releases are made from. The other, more exciting, branch is the "next" branch, where new features are added. As a simple guideline, obvious and urgent patches goes to master, and will be published as maintenance releases. Not-so-obvious fixes, tweaks and improvements goes to next, get tested and completed there, and merged into the main branch before a new major release.

== Known Issues ==
There are a few issues being discussed among the developers, but not included in this release:
- There is a suspected missing term in the Jacobian in the energy balanced solver, which slows down the convergence.
- There is a suspected bug in the circuit/device mixed mode simulation, when spice backtracks a time step in transient analysis.
We are actively working on these issues, and welcome bug reports, comments or even better, contributions from all.

== Upcoming ==
Apart from fixing of bugs, there are a few new features cooking in the "next" branch, which we hope to include in the next release:
- Projection of initial guess (linear and quadratic) during a dc sweep. This is expected to speed up convergence by starting from a better initial guess, in most cases.
- Option to export more fields to the TIF exports.

Posted by Chen Shen 2008-07-04

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