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Version 2.28

* Final, complete support for selecting object types by value (not
Refs). All combinations objects and collections are shown recursively
in queries and fetched in bulk.

* The schema browser has some more tweaks related to object

* Added Virtual Private Database policies to the schema browser

* Added referential integrity by dependent object to table dependencies

Posted by Colby Farrell 2008-05-28

Version 2.26

* Most object types including VARRAYs, nested tables, objects
embedded within other objects are shown correctly in query results now.

* Improvements to the schema browser Type section:
- Subtypes are shown in supertype attributes/methods display
- Inherited attributes and methods are highlighted in type details
- Dependencies have object icons

Posted by Colby Farrell 2008-03-25

Version 2.22

Added CLOB and BLOB display and download. Queries that select from a LOB column will display the LOB type and length in the results treeview. If an output file is enabled, LOB values will be saved to filenames formed with the column title + rownum with a .blob file suffix.

Posted by Colby Farrell 2008-02-28

Version 2.20

* Expired password change dialog on login

* All metadata (DDL) generation is now done on a separate thread and will not block the user interface.

* Selecting an object type node in the browser treeview (Tables, Indexes, etc) while in the DDL window will now extract the DDL for all objects of that type in the user schema

* Further statement parsing improvements

Posted by Colby Farrell 2008-01-07

Version 2.19

* Better statement buffer parsing:
- ignore /* */ comments
- blank space skipping
- better ignore of sqlplus commands

* Improved syntax highlighting in the non-gtksourceview enabled version

* Improved tnsnames.ora parsing

Posted by Colby Farrell 2007-12-20

Version 2.16

* Application state auto-save (interface size, states, editor queries) every 5 minutes, which can be turned off in the Edit menu.

* PL/SQL compilation errors (when creating procedures, functions, packages and types) are shown immediately in the main results treeview.

* Right-clicking on a PL/SQL object such as a procedure, function, or package in the browser will now bring up a recompile menuitem.... read more

Posted by Colby Farrell 2007-08-22

Version 2.14

* OCI statement caching for all interface queries.

* Shortened connect time, including putting 'finder' population routine in the background so it doesn't add to connect time

* Primary key index flag in table browser

* Added details of snapshot subscribers to 'materialized view log' details in browser

* Added pixmaps for locally partitioned bitmap indexes in browser

* Option to save query results as HTML table

Posted by Colby Farrell 2007-07-23

Version 2.07

Fixed a couple leaks in the schema browser related to the use of OCIPrepare2(), and fixed several problems when browsing in the 'Other Schemas' nodes.

Posted by Colby Farrell 2007-06-08

Version 2.05

Added the ablility to browser all other schemas visible to the logged in user to the schema browser.

Posted by Colby Farrell 2007-06-06

Version 2.03

This is the initial version 2 release and features a brand new schema browser. The browser is now completely tree view based, unlike the largely notebook based browser of version 1.

Posted by Colby Farrell 2007-06-04

Version 2.01

This is the initial version 2 release, with the totally new, fully treeview-based schema browser.

Posted by Colby Farrell 2007-05-22

Version 1.84a

Fixed a bad bug in the row output function that was showing the wrong number of rows for non-windows platforms.

Posted by Colby Farrell 2007-04-04

Version 1.84

* Query-based bind comboboxes in query textview. When the toolbar bind button is clicked, a combobox will be created for bind variables in the query textview that are anchored with '&', the values of which are populated by a 'define' line for the name of the bind variable.


define tsname = select tablespace_name from dba_tablespaces;

select * from dba_data_files where tablespace_name=&tsname;... read more

Posted by Colby Farrell 2007-03-30

Version 1.82

Added column to table list for segment size in MB. Double clicking on a segment in the table list, whether a table, table partition, table subpartition, index, index partition, or index subpartition will run DBMS_SPACE to populate the column.

Fixed right-click popup on table list (which brings up the analyze menu) so that it is segment type contextual and added a partition granularity submenu.... read more

Posted by Colby Farrell 2007-03-22

Version 1.80

Details at

Posted by Colby Farrell 2007-01-11

Version 1.70

* Support for external query editor and external result viewers has been added. In Edit->Preferences an external app can be set to use for the SQL editor and for viewing results (as .csv).

With linux kernel 2.6.13 or greater, inotify (file modification tracking) can be used to sync external editor changes to the GTKO textbuffer as they occur. Without inotify, changes made in the external editor are only synchronized when the external editor exits.
To configure inotify you need:
- linux, kernel 2.16.3 or greater
- support for inotify enabled in the kernel (in the Filesystems section)
- run GTKO configure script with the --with-inotify switch... read more

Posted by Colby Farrell 2006-10-22

Version 1.60

The big addition in this release is compile-time support for the GtkSourceView widget as the SQL editor. Configure looks for GtkSourceView >= 1.6 and uses it instead of GtkTextView if it's found. GtkSourceView requires GTK >= 2.8, libgnomeprintui, and libxml2, but a full Gnome install is still not. The option is in configure for now because I don't want to force an upgrade to 2.8. But I will say it's a super-cool widget well worth trying out. It's got built in undo and redo and the plan for the next GTKO release is printing support. Do plan on using quite a bit more resident memory though.... read more

Posted by Colby Farrell 2006-10-09

Version 1.58

Just a couple minor changes in this release. The login dialog now uses platform-independent g_build_filename() to come up the the path to the tnsnames.ora file and the connect dialog status label displays this path.

A crash in the results clip is fixed. There is a separate new issue with GTK showing 0 for NULL values in GtkTreeView GINT64 columns (it always shows 0 even when no value has been set with gtk_tree_store_set() ).... read more

Posted by Colby Farrell 2006-10-04

Version 1.56

* Various bug fixes:
- problems when starting without a config file
- SQL file saving and opening

* Polling interface enhancements, mostly for win32

Posted by Colby Farrell 2006-10-02

Version 1.52

* Configurable Oracle session tracing - any session statistics found in V$SESSTAT can be enabled for tracing. Config form is accessed via Edit->Configure Tracing menu. Because V$SESSTAT is queried in order to get the list of stats, a connection to a database is required.

* The SQL editor tabs now close with buttons on tab label, new tabs are added with Ctrl-T.

* The logged in user can now switch to any other schema
that has tables visible in the ALL_TABLES system
table. Switching the schema executes 'alter session set current_schema = :p1'... read more

Posted by Colby Farrell 2006-09-21

Version 1.50

* Query pop windows - query popup menu includes option to pop results
to a separate treeview window. Useful for saving and comparing results from queries/traces.
Option to pop all lines in the results or selected rows only.
Right-click on query results to access.

* Font for query text buffers can now be customized (I like a monospace font for editing).
Font dialog accessed via Edit menu.

* Elapsed time shown in results when tracing a query.... read more

Posted by Colby Farrell 2006-08-25

Version 1.47

* Fixed various bugs:
- hint forward slash was being mistaken for PL/SQL terminator forward slash
- async session handle now used for session_trace enable
- explain plan left lock on plan_table when explain failed for any reason
- Oracle SID added to window title on connect

* Lots of changes to support win32

* Name changed to GTKO

Posted by Colby Farrell 2006-08-17

Version 1.41

The PL/SQL compilation error popup has been removed - compilation errors now go to the results list. Double-clicking on the error line in the results list will also highlight and scroll to the error.

Materialized view log browsing moved to Schema->Tables tab

Oracle view browsing merged into Source->Tables
tab - views are shown as tables, but italicized

Table DDL extract now includes associated indexes,
constraints, ref. constraints and grants... read more

Posted by Colby Farrell 2006-07-11

Version 1.29

Support for composite partitioned (subpartition) tables added in the Tables->Segments list. Includes support for 'subpartition' analyze granularity and DBMS_SPACE analysis.

PL/SQL compilation error popup added. Compilation error output also added to the Source tab; clicking on any invalid object will show the current error (from ALL_ERRORS) in addition to the source DDL.

SELECT queries will tolerate a return code of OCI_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO now.... read more

Posted by Colby Farrell 2006-04-26

Version 1.27

1.27 has a preliminary Scheduler interface added to the schema browser, with support for creating and managing jobs, job classes, and programs. Features include job history browsing, running of jobs interactively and enabling/disabling jobs.

An execution timer was added to the status bar.

Partition granularity levels (global, partition, subpartition) were added to the table and index partition stats gathering popups.... read more

Posted by Colby Farrell 2006-04-13