Gspiceui Cygwin will not find utilities

Allen Timm
  • Allen Timm

    Allen Timm - 2008-08-30

    Gspiceui will not find the utilities (ngspice, gwave) when invoked from the menus
    but just throws an error of "can't find the binary :  ngspice" 
    Going by the manual that was installed with Gspiceui there seems to be a menu option to add utility
    paths but this option can't be found in the drop-down menus or on the buttons below with this version 0.8.36.

    All paths are set correctly in the WindowsXP environmental variables and the profile.d (from ect in Cygwin).
    The funny thing is when the error message is thrown it gives Windows-like back-slashes
    instead of the expected unix forward-slashes.

    the exact error:

    can't find the binary : ngspice

    your PATH is:


    • Mike W.

      Mike W. - 2008-11-21

      Sorry for the very slow response.

      You are the first that I know of to try gSpiceUI under Cygwin; I've never even used Cygwin myself.

      I'm not sure how I can help but I'll try.

      What is the state of play at present?

      • Allen Timm

        Allen Timm - 2008-11-24

        I am still trying to get Gspiceui to find NGspice and Gnucap in Cygwin.
        Is it possible this version of Gspiceui 0.8.36
        does not have a user prompt to find the applications? 

        I rechecked to make sure Gnucap and Ngspice are installed and in the correct folders and they are where they should be, also the ENV variable (windows) appears to be set OK.

        Funny thing is I cannot even open the Gspiceui "help" files even though I can clearly find them also.

        Any hints would be appreciated!
        Thank you for responding.



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