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#67 Mostly build system fixes


This omnibus patch addresses a number of issues:

1. It allows out-of-source-tree builds to work correctly. The GNU Autotools build system normally supports this, but some of the gSOAP Make rules were impeding this functionality. (Note: The changes here supersede patch 2321110, "Problem with VPATH builds")

2. It allows the Automake "dist" and "distcheck" targets to work. Distribution tarballs can now be built and validated using these mechanisms.

3. Fixes a handful of C++-related compilation errors (e.g. no iostream.h header file)

4. Fixes a number of needless GCC warnings

As I couldn't find a source repository, this patch is against the 2.7.13 tarball.


  • Daniel Richard G.

    I found some problems with my original patch (not least some whitespace snafus), and am uploading a revised version. This applies cleanly to the 2.7.13 tarball, and allows gSOAP to build properly in out-of-source-tree setups and the distcheck process.

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