Pedro Santelmo - 2009-09-27

Hi, all!
I am very pleased to have such an interesting tool.

I live in **Buenos Aires, Argentina (TZ -03.00)**, but the program is not able to display the correct time. It shows 1 hour less than the actual time. I guess that the problem is with the timezone convertion.

Why should this happen if the easiest way of getting the time is by using the system time? …

Because, the program might be using an external source for the time.

This is very interesting and useful!
Since this tool relies mostly on having the correct time for all its data, it might be getting the actual UTC time from the web. And then making the conversion to the local timezone.

This is a very difficult way of doing it if the user doesn't have some fields to make adjustments of the numerous exceptions that might happen: summer time corrections (beyond the actual timezone, political corrections for practical purposes (energy saving), etc..

So, please, bear with us, all the people that is not as lucky as you might be of living in a well time-managed country, and add some fields to adjust the local timezone correctly…

The concept of this application is the best, but it requires some extra adjustments to the unpredictable (and illogic) exceptions that people must live with.

If this tool works correctly, it is also very useful to know when the user should correct the system time….

Thank you for such a useful application.