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ADI instruction bug fixed

Gsim85 has fixed ADI instruction bug. You can see changes under 0.2 release 2.

Posted by VINOD DAHIYA 2008-02-28

GSim85 new version 0.2 released

Gsim85 released new beta version 0.2. It includes some critical fixes.
Read ChangeLog to see changes.
For Win32 version you must have latest GTK+ runtime installed on your system.
Find latest GTK+ runtime from here:

Posted by VINOD DAHIYA 2008-02-23

Gsim85 for windows release

Gsim85 for windows is released today. It is available to download as pre-compiled binaries with a nice installer.
For the Windows version of GSim85 you must have latest GTK runtime environment installed. Download a latest release from here:

Posted by VINOD DAHIYA 2008-02-06