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gshowtv / News: Recent posts

gshowtv-1.2.2 released

* Fixed: Grid display shows descriptions in complete lines.
* Fixed: Grid display shows a channel label instead if no custom channel image specified.
* Fixed: Channel image selection by double-click.
* Fixed: Hour formatting when using 24h display.
* Fixed: Disable gtk2 translations if gshowtv itself isn't translated.
* Fixed: Localization problems on some systems, utf-8 encoding problems.
* Improved handling of channel images.
* Manual localized in Swedish and French.

Posted by Petri Väkeväinen 2007-09-04

gshowtv-1.2.1 released

* Bug fix release. Fixed bugs that crept into during rewrite.
* Fixed: Favourite dialog missing channels from the drop down menu. #1721689
* Fixed: Popup menu add/remove favourites fixed.
* Fixed: Removing of a favourite fixed.

Posted by Petri Väkeväinen 2007-05-28

gshowtv-1.2.0 released

* Application is rewritten, allowing faster development of new features and bug fixes.
* Fixed: Startup faster due to actually showing main window when first day is parsed and loaded.
* Fixed: old programmes actually do disappear and don't clutter the app.

Posted by Petri Väkeväinen 2007-05-16

gshowtv 1.1.0 released

* Favourites system pimp up. The favourites are now much more flexible. A rule based engine for favourite configuration.
* Fixed bug: If the xmltv file is empty, don't show the parsing progress window each minute.

Posted by Petri Väkeväinen 2007-01-25

xmltv-druid 0.4.0 released

* Possibility to set tv_grab command to be run once a week.
* apiconfig is now supported.
* Added a few new grabbers to the list of known grabbers.
* Program accelerators can be set to run after the tv_grab task to perform preprocessing. E.g. preparse or dump the data to a sql database.

Posted by Petri Väkeväinen 2006-09-18

gshowtv 1.0.3 released

* Gnome HIG changes
* Notifications using notification daemon if available.
* Grids updated when data changes.
* New translations: Swedish and French

Posted by Petri Väkeväinen 2006-09-06

debian apt repository changed again

sorry for the inconvenience, but the repository had to move again. This time it's hopefully permanent:

deb http://debian.vakevainen.fi/ unstable main

Posted by Petri Väkeväinen 2006-09-06

debian apt-repository changed

the debian apt-repository has changed, the new repository is

deb http://koti.welho.com/pvakevai/debian unstable main

Posted by Petri Väkeväinen 2006-05-02

gshowtv 1.0.2 released

* Don't parse the xmltv file, if filesize is 0.
* Fixed deletion of a recorded show.
* Config dialog default width set to a sensible value.
* Fixed a typo.

Posted by Petri Väkeväinen 2006-04-12

gshowtv 1.0.1 released

* Fixed bugs in PVR interfaces:
- legacy-interface showed start/stop times in wrong order
- legacy-interface didn't behave 100% as the old gshowtv
- pvr-interface example interface was missing a return.
* No changes to the main program.

Posted by Petri Väkeväinen 2006-03-27

gshowtv 1.0.0 released

* New PVR interface, better isolation from the pvr system,
all PVR related actions are directly passed to the interface.
* Support for multiple xmltv datafiles via commandline.
* Parser doesn't require X.
* Channel configuration improvements.
* Fixed unicode case sensitivity issue.

Posted by Petri Väkeväinen 2006-03-22

xmltv-druid 0.3.0 released

* Possibility to launch tv_grab task directly from the druid.
* Extra options are actually saved.

Posted by Petri Väkeväinen 2006-03-22

gshowtv 0.9.2 released

* Fixed a critical bug with data dir names that resulted in gshowtv not showing any data if the xmltv file name was "unlucky".
* GridLayout will autoscroll to Now when displaying today's shows.
* GridLayout is now a proper Gtk2 component.

Posted by Petri Väkeväinen 2006-02-08

gshowtv 0.9.1 released

This is a bugfix release fixing a set of bugs that crept on.

Fixes the following issues:

* GShowTV can now be run from other directories than the one gshowtv is physically in.
* After druid has ran, parse the file before loading the data.
* When loading the xmltv data, also prune out old shows from memory.

Posted by Petri Väkeväinen 2006-01-17

gshowtv 0.9.0 released

The "Let's Experiment" release: Major internal rework for speed and usability.

Hilights of this version are:

* Internal rework:
- no longer needs threaded perl
- use DataDumper to boost start up speed

* Favourite list and searches are much faster and
the ui is responsive during the process.

* Fullscreen mode for grid view

Posted by Petri Väkeväinen 2006-01-10

gshowtv 0.8.0 released

A new version of gShowTV is realeased. New features include a grid view and context menus.

Posted by Petri Väkeväinen 2005-11-25

0.7.2 released

The first ever sourceforge release:

* New feature: Remainders. Set up remainders for favourite shows
* UI rework
* Start-up is way faster

Posted by Petri Väkeväinen 2005-11-17