#80 paper sizes ordering



I've got 6 different paper sizes defined. I wasn't happy with the order so I decided to edit the config file and change the order there as this seems not possible in the gui itself (haven't searched very long, i have to admit that).

After I created my own order I started gscan2pdf again to find out it reverted back to it's own idea of an order. Once I quited gscan2pdf i had to reload my config file in vim as was changed "by someone else"...

I cannot find any logic in the order gscan2pdf puts into my paperlist and I definitely want the program to respect my idea about ordering.

I suspect this to be a bug, however: I might be wrong off course so that's why I first file a support req.
I use 1.0.4 debian wheezy release btw, should i update to 1.2 from jessie?


  • Jeffrey Ratcliffe

    You can call it a feature of hashes that their order is more or less random. The paper sizes are stored as a hash. I could store them as an array, which would fix the order.

  • Jeffrey Ratcliffe

    Ticket moved from /p/gscan2pdf/support-requests/8/


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