#145 Page range "selected/all" not honored


gscan2pdf 1.0.6.

The "page range" option buttons for selected vs. all don't seem to be honored. It seems the state of the GUI option button is different from the internal state. Here's what I did, having scanned multiple pages:

1. Select page 1.
2. Click Save icon on toolbar. Select Page Range: "Selected". Save that page. (It saves fine)
3. Select page 2.
4. Go to Tools -> Clean up. Without touching anything, the GUI shows that Page Range: "All" is selected. Click OK to perform the cleanup.

Expected result: All pages are cleaned up.
Actual result: Only page 2 is cleaned up.

That might be enough to diagnose the bug, but continuing:

5. Go back to Tools -> Clean up. Click Page Range: "Selected". Then click Page Range: "All". Click OK to perform the cleanup. (Now it correctly cleans all pages.)
6. With page 2 still selected, click Save icon on toolbar. Without touching anything, the GUI shows Page Range: "Selected". Click Save button.

Expected result: Only page 2 is saved.
Actual result: All pages are saved.


  • Jeffrey Ratcliffe

    I can't reproduce this. On step 4, the radio button is correctly on page range "selected".

    What distro are you using? Please start gscan2pdf with the --log=log option, reproduce the problem, and post the logfile.

  • Jeffrey Ratcliffe

    • status: open --> closed-duplicate
    • Group: --> v1.0_(example)

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