#135 Various bugs in 1.0.1


I do not have time to check whether these bugs were resolved or to write a patch, since I will likely switch to a higher-quality application, but for the benefit of this project I will briefly list some rather painful bugs encountered:
-last page size scanned not stored between invocations of the program
-no delay setting for >1 page scanning (not a bug, but rather convenience for the scanner operator)
-OCR not done after rotation post-processing
-OCR applied intermittently (requires manual review of every page)
-djvu export only done to first page intermittently (when it should be, since the "all" option was specified; requires manual review of output)
-djvu export done to all pages intermittently (when the "selected" option was specified; requires manual review of output)
-all pages were cropped intermittently (when the "selected" option was specified)

The OCR engine used was tesseract 3.01


  • Ruslan Nabioullin

    I forgot to add - the image becomes intermittently distorted when cropping (but this is trivial, since redrawing the image resolves the issue). Most (if not all) of the bugs mentioned are still present in 1.0.4.

  • Jeffrey Ratcliffe

    Please start gscan2pdf from the command line with

    gscan2pdf --log=log

    reproduce the problems, and post the log file.

    I've never noticed and "intermittent" problems - but there is an option "View files on saving" which makes spotting problems easier.

  • Jeffrey Ratcliffe

    • status: open --> closed-out-of-date
    • Group: --> v1.0_(example)

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