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CDPlayer 0.5 released

I released version 0.5 af New and noteworthy:

- Added the service 'Play CD' that takes the name
of a device with an inserted CD to play.
- Added a local cache for CDDB data. All data
loaded from the net is stored automatically to
disk and displayed again when a CD is
- As an alternative to the preferences panel for CDPlayer now also offers a
panel for
- Data tracks on a CD are now marked as such.
- When simply clicking the 'Play' button data
tracks should now be skipped.

Posted by Andreas Schik 2008-01-23

Release of CreateISO.bundle

This new backend bundle for Burn uses libburn/libisofs to create ISO images. It is meant to replace the MkIsoFs backend in the long run as the standard ISO creator for Burn.

Posted by Andreas Schik 2006-01-09

New source RPMs

Thanks to Jens Jahnke, we have new source RPMs available for Burn 0.4.1 and for CDPlayer 0.4.2.
Note ther the RPM for Burn also includes the cdrdao and mp3towav bundles.

Posted by Andreas Schik 2005-06-09

Burn 0.4.0 released

Finally, 0.4.0 has been released. You will find a source RPM and a source tar ball on this site. See CHANGELOG and README for details.

Posted by Andreas Schik 2004-10-12

Source RPMs available

Thanks to Jens Jahnke there are now source RPMs of all three packages available. They have been built (and tested, hopefully ;-) on the Fedora distribution. If you encounter any problems, please report on the mailing list.

Posted by Andreas Schik 2003-12-11

Burn 0.3.5 released

It has taken quite a while, but now the latest Burn (0.3.5) is out. It does not offer real new features, but instead the already existing ones have been augmented. Also the usability has improved a lot.
Burn has shrunk due to the fact that a lot of functionality has now gone to CDPlayer to concentrate Burn really to what it is meant for: burning CDs. Thus, you need the latest CDPlayer package, too.
Have fun. Feedback welcome.

Posted by Andreas Schik 2003-09-25

CDPlayer 0.4.0 released

Today, Sep 25 2003, CDPlayer version 0.4.0 has been released. Apart from Cddb/FreeDB support it brings no enhancements for enjoying your music CDs. This version is, however, necessary to use all features of the upcoming version 0.3.5 of Burn. This is because all audio CD related functions have been removed from Burn in favour of CDPlayer. Thus, if you want to backup your audio CDs using Burn you also need this version of CDPlayer.
Have fun. Feedback welcome.

Posted by Andreas Schik 2003-09-25

Minor bug fix release

This release fixes a couple of GUI issues. Lots of NSPopUpButtons were not enabled, the borders of some scroll views were not set properly and last, but not least the app would crash when editing track names in the description window.

Posted by Andreas Schik 2003-02-28 0.3.0 released

On 02/07/03 version 0.3.0 of (fka has been released. Apart from a new name the program has undergone lots of changes. See change log for details.
As is now obsolete it has been hidden from the list of downloadable packages.

Posted by Andreas Schik 2003-02-07

CDPlayer's AudioCD prefs panel updated

The preferences panel for the AudioCD settings has been updated to employ the new Gorm project layout. It also has been slightly reworked to fit into the latest (1.2.99beta). Finally, there now exist locales for English, german and French.

Posted by Andreas Schik 2003-01-08

Added CVS alias for

The CVS tree of can now be accessed using the alias Burn instead of the full repositiory name, e.g.
cvs checkout Burn.

Posted by Andreas Schik 2002-12-09

Added CDPlayer source tar ball for download

Today, a source tar ball of 0.2.5 has been added for direct download. is necessary to install as it provides access to audio CDs.

Posted by Andreas Schik 2002-12-09

Preview of 0.3.0 in CVS

You may check out the preview of 0.3.0 from CVS, now. It is tagged RELEASE_BURN_0_3_0_PRE. 0.3.0pre provides no new functionality, but gives you an impression of the changes in the UI. Any feedback is welcome.

Posted by Andreas Schik 2002-12-02

Release 0.2.2 is out

Today version 0.2.2 has been released. This is a maintenance release containing several bug fixes. See CHANGELOG for details.

Posted by Andreas Schik 2002-11-18 0.2.1 is out

Version 0.2.1 is mainly a maintenance release, butalso brings some new features:
- Two services for adding files to an existing project and starting a new project.
- DnD for whole directories.
- Support for au files in cdrdao bundle.

Posted by Andreas Schik 2002-11-01 0.2.0 is out

Today, 0.2.0 was released. You can download it here or get the latest CVS.
Some features:
- CDDB support
- DnD
- Cut/Copy/Paste

Posted by Andreas Schik 2002-10-11 0.2.0pre is out

Yesterday, 0.2.0pre was released. You can download it here or get the latest CVS (which already has some changes in it).

Posted by Andreas Schik 2002-10-08

Protocols for external tools will change

People checkout the CVS TOT be aware that in the next few days there will be major changes in the protocols for the bundles (in particular rippers). This is due to the fact that we try to build a common framework for all related apps, such as Encod !
If anyone out there starts to write a new bundle, please keep this in mind.

Posted by Andreas Schik 2002-09-28