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gRustibus 0.43 released

* French translation
* Advanced filters. You can filter the games shown according to lots of rules.
* You can choose wich columns you want in the list and what order to show them in.
* You can download games and images from the internet.
* Options for vector games.
* No more upper limit for the number of games. (it works with the latest xmame betas).
* Bugfixes and lots of polish.
* Posibillity to make reports showing various info about the rom/screenshot/etc collection.

Posted by Kjetil Thuen 2001-05-29

gRustibus 0.42 released


* Bugfixes (see changelog)
* Suport for jpeg, tiff, bmp and pnm in addition to the previously supported png and gif for screenshots and flyers. Thanks to Bernhard Josef Rieder <> for the patch.
* Playback and record game sessions
* Better placement of favourite button
* Multiple screenshot and flyer dirs.
* Can look for parent's screenshot/flyer images when a game is a clone and does not have images of it's own.
* New notebook page showing Cabinet photos
* New notebook page showing history and other info about game.
* Menu for selecting active notebook tab. Good for adding keyboard shortcuts.
* Leds on notebook tabs indicating changes in hidden notebook pages.
* Works with xmame 0.37 BETA 4
* Gets more info from xmame. The gamelist format has changed.
* Reads the catver file of arcade@home fame. The latest is included in the distrobution.
* Should work with Solaris again.

Posted by Kjetil Thuen 2000-08-03

gRustibus 0.41 released

+ Lots of bugfixes and tweaks (See the Changelog for details).
+ GNOME dekstop entry and icon.
+ Norwegian translation.
+ Debian and rpm packages.
+ Iconifies when xmame is running.
+ Gives xmame a '\n', so it will not freeze on the games that
requires the user to "press any key".
+ Detects changes in the rompath or the xmame executable since
last run.
+ Checks xmame version and display target. Sets options
accordingly. ie. It works with et al now.
+ Cheat option.
+ A textfild for extra options.
+ And the most important: A "select random game" button :)

Posted by Kjetil Thuen 2000-06-30