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SSH without thrid party Tools

  • Sebastian Sickelmann


    A few days ago, we released our(small) CVS Tool ( that can access CVS over SSH without a third Party SSH Tool.
    As we announced it in various forums we get the URL of Gruntspud. And as i see you use the Netbeans CVS API too, and need an thrid Party SSH Tool(OpenSSH), i thought about it, and i think that we improve your Tool to access CVS over SSH without OpenSSH installed on the client System.

    Our Project was developed to make it easy for new users of the new(not ready yet) CodigoLivre Plattform ( But we realy don't get far in 2 month. And now we must(our boos dictated us to do) work on another program. So we dont get the change to improve our CVS-Client.

    I think that we should talk about, and we should talk with mkeint (of how we can implement our SSH aproach in Gruntspud and the Netbeans CVS API.

    Hope to hear from you.

    • Arne Hĺrseth

      Arne Hĺrseth - 2002-10-13

      Just because I am curious: What is this CVS Tool component doing? Is it a SSH client? SSH1 or SSH2?
      I am using Cygwin SSH-client my self but would like to use built in SSH-client in Gruntspud if possible but have not been able to make it work (SSH2).


    • t_magicthize

      t_magicthize - 2002-10-15

      Currently SSH1 only. Also, there are a few problems with it and it doesn't always work with SSH1. Ive been neglecting this for a while, but will look into it again.

      Your post prompted me to try and find an open source SSH2 java implementation, and it seems a promising project has been started. I will look into hooking this up with Gruntspud.


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