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#28 Group-Office for PostgreSQL


Dear all,

I would like to ask a favour of GroupOffice PostgreSQL version.
We think it very important to have outstanding applications to make PostgreSQL far more popular. I found that GroupOffice is one of those excelent
I have downloaded GroupOffice and tried to use it. I was little disappointed, the reason is that GroupOffice is using MySQL. I wished to introduce
this good application to PostgreSQL users and worked on PostgreSQL version of GroupOffice together with my colleague, Hiroshi Saito.

The work was successful and the patch-kit was created with the CVS base of 20/12/2006. I strongly wish your acceptance in your GroupOffice project for PostgreSQL version. You are rest assured on the quality of the version as under:

1) Reliability of patch-kit.
We did the test into which it has not broken down the logic of MySQL.
We also think it necessary to pass along your review of course.

2) User support, bug-tracking and future development.
We are going to effect support for PostgreSQL version through Sourceforge basing on your request.

I am ready to send you the patch-kit, together with English documentation.

Thank you very much in advance for your interest.

With kindest regards,
Teppei Kitagawa


  • Hiroshi Saito

    Hiroshi Saito - 2006-12-20

    Logged In: YES
    Originator: NO

    Hope you like your Xmas present :)

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Logged In: NO

    That's what I have been expecting to. I will try to evaluate soon.

    Ishikawa Toshiyuki
    tosiyuki at gol dot com

  • Merijn Schering

    Merijn Schering - 2015-10-29
    • Status: open --> closed

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