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Group-Office 3.3 is released!

We've been working a lot on performance for this release. We're now using compression on the files so the startup time of Group-Office is much shorter.

Enhancements on the permissions system deliver a much better overall performance
on large installations.

We've also added a lot of new features like:

* Resource management to book meeting rooms for example
* Enhanced project manager
* Tickets or Helpdesk module
* A lot of small enhancements everywhere in the system.... [read more](/p/group-office/news/2009/12/group-office-33-is-released/)
Posted by Merijn Schering 2009-12-03

Group-Office 3.01-stable-28 is released!

Since our last news post we've added a lot of new exiting features to Group-Office like:

  1. PGP encryption to send encrypted e-mail messages
  2. U can use Group-Office as your default e-mail program in Windows now
  3. Plain text e-mail composing
  4. Your e-mails will automatically be saved every two minutes while composing.
  5. Professional PDF calendar prints
  6. Set calendar and task reminders by your own default preference
  7. New and updated translations
  8. And much more!... read more
Posted by Merijn Schering 2009-04-14

Group-Office groupware: 3.0 released!

Take your office online with Group-Office groupware. Share projects, calendars, files and e-mail online with co-workers and clients. Easy to use and fully customizable, Group-Office takes online collaboration to the next level.

After more then one and a half year of development time and testing it's finally there!
We are proud to present Group-Office 3.0, Group-Office needed to be modernised.
New web techniques have been developed and are ready to use in a professional platform
such as Group-Office. We completely rewrote the interface of Group-Office. It feels much
more like a desktop application now with drag and drop features, flexible information panels
and much more!
Besides the eye candy and usability enhancements a lot has been improved under the hood too.
The database adapter has been rewritten to use the improved MySQLi extension for better security.
Data sent to the database is checked for attacks at the lowest level so it's impossible for
developers to write insecure database queries when they use the Group-Office framework. A lot
more has been done to improve security like insecure image blocking in the e-mail module.
It's impossible to name every change here in this message, you should check out the
new version for yourself!

Posted by Merijn Schering 2008-12-03

Group-Office 3.0 preview

You can see some of the developments we've been doing the past six months. You can take a look at the new interface we are building for Group-Office. It's far from complete and stable but you can get an impression here:

user: demo
pass: demo

We hope you like it!

Posted by Merijn Schering 2008-02-20

Group-Office 2.18 is released

We are proud to announce Group-Office Professional 2.18. Most of the changes of this release are in the Professional version.

Online file management
We created a new Java Webstart program that makes file management easier for you.
When you edit a text document on your PC it will automatically save the document in Group-Office for you.
When you open a file a small program will load in the system tray that will monitor files for you. When they are modified it will send it back to Group-Office. It's that simple but it makes life much easier!... read more

Posted by Merijn Schering 2007-12-12

Group-Office 2.16-10 released

This version has an improved linking interface and in the Professional version it's also
possible to store e-mail as files and link them to contacts, companies or projects.
There's also a new gallery module which you can also put on webpages using the CMS.
The built in SyncML server was improved and supports latest Symbian phones now.

The following languages were updated in 2.16:
Spanish, French, Catalan, Hungarian, Italian, German and of course Dutch and English are always up to date.... read more

Posted by Merijn Schering 2007-02-06

Group-Office 2.14 Released

The calendar and task views are much improved and it's now possible to attach files to projects, tasks, companies and contacts. Next to Outlook and Pocket PC 2003 Synchronization it's now also possible to synchronize your Nokia 9300 or Nokia 9500 phone.

A complete dutch manual has been released. Soon it will be translated into English.
We made some improvements on the administration side too. Administrators are really admins now. They have access to everything and they can create calendars easily for all users now.... read more

Posted by Merijn Schering 2005-11-02

Group-Office 2.13 released!

The e-mail client is extended with a preview pane and a much better GUI. Reminders can be snoozed and dismissed now administration modules can be easily customized from now on.
A lot of bugs were fixed too. See the changelog for a full list of changes.

Posted by Merijn Schering 2005-04-27

Group-Office 2.12b Released

An update package for 2.12 is available. It fixes all known bugs.

Posted by Merijn Schering 2005-03-22

2.12a Released

Some bugs were quickly found in the installer and the projects module. This package fixes all known bugs.

Posted by Merijn Schering 2005-03-16

Group-Office 2.12 Released

This version offers much more stability over previous versions. There are few new features
but a lot of bugs have been fixed.

Long time since news was posted here. But from now on Bugs, Support and Feature requests will go through again. Only the Forum stays at

Enjoy 2.12!

Posted by Merijn Schering 2005-03-12

2.05 Released!

There have been major changes under the hood and a nice new summary module. It's been two months
since last release but we give you a much more stable and powerfull Group-Office
in return! Upgrading is recommended for everybody.

Posted by Merijn Schering 2004-05-23

New forum

Please use the new forum at Choose Support from the main page. Cya there!

Posted by Merijn Schering 2004-04-20

Thanks to all contributors

The Group-Office development team wants to give thanks to all contributors! Keep up the good work!

Posted by Merijn Schering 2004-03-24

Group-Office popularity is grows enormously!

With the 2.03 version just released Group-Office has already been downloaded 30.000 times. Ranked nr. 16 at Sourceforge and has a million hits per month! Check out the statistics at

Posted by Merijn Schering 2004-03-18

2.03 Service pack 1

2.03 was released too rushy. It had some typo's and wrong files included so everybody should download 2.03-SP1 and read the release notes for update info!

Sorry for the inconvience.

Posted by Merijn Schering 2004-03-18

Vote for Group-Office!

You can vote for Group-Office at the LinuxUser & Developer Awards 2004 for catagories Best Open-Source or Linux software and Best server application. Go here to vote:

Posted by Merijn Schering 2004-03-11

Group-Office 1.9!

This release is the prelease to Group-Office 2.0. It now features sharable addressbooks and overall increased usability. Group-Office now can authenticate users against LDAP or mail servers, so implementing Group-Office in an existing user environment is easier.

Posted by Merijn Schering 2003-09-21

Get latest version from CVS

The next version will be released as a stable version and there will be a second development release that will be less stable.
You can also get the latest version from the cvs repository

Posted by Merijn Schering 2003-06-13

1.05 package updated at 11:00 due to upgrade problems

If anybody is having trouble with updating to 1.05 download the package again because there was a bug in the updgrade script.
Sorry for the inconvience

Posted by Merijn Schering 2003-06-03

Downloads do not get counted

It seems that the downloads have not been counted for the past few weeks. I submitted this as a bug and the Sourceforge team confirmed this.

Posted by Merijn Schering 2003-06-03


The new upcomming 1.05 release will have more language support thanks to some translators!
I have just recieved Danish translations and German translations are on their way.
If you made translations please send them to me and I will release them.
Thank you all

Posted by Merijn Schering 2003-05-28

End user manual

Casey Ruark recently wrote an End user manual for Group-Office!
The new upcomming 1.05 release will contain this manual in the help menu. For now you can download it in the file section in different formats.
Thank you Casey

Posted by Merijn Schering 2003-05-28

groupoffice.sql incomplete in version 1.02

The groupoffice.sql from the 1.02 release was inclomplete. The file is released seperately and the package was updated. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Posted by Merijn Schering 2003-04-29

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