#30 default rights for new users


If using IMAP-authenticaton or LDAP-authentication,
users can log in without requiring the admin to setup
an group-office-account for them.
However, those accounts do not have any rights, no
modules are enabled.
At the moment, the user logs in and out.
The admin logs in, can now see this user and enable
some modules.
The user logs in again and can now user group-office.

It would of course be much better, if I could give my
users default-rigths. The group "everybody" does exist,
but I can't give this group access to the mail-module,
for example.

I want them to use group-office if they have an account
(either IMAP or LDAP) without any further
administrative action. I suppose it would be easy to
use the source and change the defaults, but I'm sure
other installations will face the same issue, so a more
generic solution seems to be much better.


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