Hi everyone!

We are trying to setup a radio server, which is hooked up to a Kenwood TS-2000 rig, so that it can be accesible over the LAN by other computers running Grig. This is what we have been trying:

1) We have a server running ubuntu 10.04 LTS with Grig 0.7.2 installed. This computer is hooked up to a Kenwood TS-200 rig by means of a serial connection under /dev/ttyS2.
2) If we execute the command "rigctl -m 214 -r /dev/ttyS2 -s 9600" we are able to correctly communicate with the Kenwood TS-2000 rig.
3) As we need to use this radio remotely, we have added to our /etc/rc.local file the following command, so that the remote daemon starts after the server boots up: "/usr/bin/rigctld -m 214 -r /dev/ttyS2 -s 9600 &"
4) After the computer boots the daemon starts running and if we execute the command "rigctl -m 2 -r localhost" we are able to correctly communicate with the Kenwood TS-200 rig.
5) At this point we can also use the command "grig -m 2 -r localhost" and Grig works correctly with our rig.

The problem comes now when we try to connect from another computer (in the same LAN) to the previous server, who's IP address is

1) If we execute the command "rigctl -m 2 -r" from any other computer we are able to correctly connect to the server and send commands the rig.
2) If we execute the command "grig -m 2 -r" from any other computer we obtain the following:

2011/10/23 13:32:55;;GRIG;;4;;grig_debug_init: Debug handler initialised.
2011/10/23 13:32:55;;HAMLIB;;4;;rig:rig_init called
2011/10/23 13:32:55;;HAMLIB;;4;;rig: loading backend dummy
2011/10/23 13:32:55;;HAMLIB;;4;;dummy: _init called
2011/10/23 13:32:55;;HAMLIB;;4;;rig_register (1)
2011/10/23 13:32:55;;HAMLIB;;4;;rig_register (2)
2011/10/23 13:32:55;;HAMLIB;;4;;rig:rig_open called
2011/10/23 13:32:55;;HAMLIB;;4;;netrigctl_open called
2011/10/23 13:32:55;;GRIG;;2;;rig_daemon_start: Failed to open rig port (permissions?)
2011/10/23 13:32:55;;HAMLIB;;4;;rig:rig_cleanup called
2011/10/23 13:32:55;;HAMLIB;;4;;rig:rig_close called
2011/10/23 13:32:55;;HAMLIB;;4;;netrigctl_close called

We don't understand why, when attempting to connect to the server from any other computer, rigctl works but Grig doesn't, bearing in mind that we use the same input arguments for both programs. Is there any additional configuration needed in order to use Grig with a remote radio over the network?

We would be very grateful if someone could help us out with this issue!

Thank you very much in advance,