Beyond 1GHz

  • Darren Long

    Darren Long - 2011-01-19


    I've been trying out hamlib & Grig with my new AOR8600Mk2 receiver.  I have some issues with serial data noise being detected by the receiver, but otherwise all seems fine.  However I've just noticed that I can't get Grig to support frequencies above 1GHz (the rx runs up to 3GHz).  I've confirmed that rigctl will get and set frequencies right up to 3GHz. so the limitation does seem to be in Grig.

    Is there any chance of supporting frequencies greater than 999.999999 MHz, please?


    Darren, G0HWW

  • Stéphane Fillod

    We have heard you. The support for frequencies up to 9.999 GHz has been added in grig 0.8.0, which has just been released.
    Hopefully the new frequency limit will give us some headroom :-)

    Rem: any feedback on Hamlib's support for the AOR8600Mk2 is welcome on the Hamlib site.

    Stéphane, F8CFE


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