Grig and Icom 821H

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Grig installed this morning
    I start grig by:

    grig -m 334 -r /dev/ttyUSB0

    I cannot dial the Hz numbers in Fm (i.e no 145.612.5) the last digit is always 0!!!

    I cannot switch from MEM to VFO and backwards...
    I cannot switch from VHF to UHF and backwards.

    Running Grig in Fedora Core 6 with latest Hamlib

    Any help???

    Antonio IW2IQM

    • Stéphane Fillod

      CIAO Antonio,

      Care to join the hamlib-developer mailing list[1] and help making the IC-821H to work?
      What would be needed is beta-testing the rig with the "rigctl" command with full traces enabled.



      Stephane F8CFE


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